artist statement

Living in the space between two cultures, I am interested in investigating the in-between spaces: between real and unreal , between the solid and the void.
I have always been fascinated by the relationship between ancient and modern art . As I am living away from my home and I start to see contradictions in everything. Two different worlds, cultures and point of view. Emotionally and mentally mixture of feelings and trying to adopt in a new place makes the life style brings you to the endless journey. I started to go inside and try to find the interior treasure. 
My work combines regular pattern with the characteristics of irregular patterns and forms from Islamic Art or Turkish Patterns with figures. This also symbolize where I come from and how I miss the colorful and ornamental part of it. While doing art, I feel free and feel like at home which does not exist. 
 The conceptual visual vocabularies which used to create my own language of painting.
In several mystical traditions, there are common elements that needed for spiritual metamorphosis and transitions to another, transcendent dimension. In Sufism, there is also an inner dimension to the law that has to do with repentance, abasement of desire, and discipline of the self, or the elimination of the ego.
Transparent figures emphasize innerworld of pure innocence and ´Kamil Insan´. It is an important concept in Islamic culture of the prototype human being, pure consciousness , one's true identity, to be contrasted with the material human who is bound by one's senses and materialism.
Materialism is shown by also patterns in the paintings. The two different layers are against each other in a contradictory way.
Feeling the need to go deeper into this inner, imaginative world, I began to set artworks from the past in less familiar contexts such as seas or patterns and combine the figure with them where they seemed to become like elements in some greater dream.
With my small paper works , I move forwards without ever being able to see more than one step ahead, sometimes side-stepping off on a detour, at others retracing my steps, getting to know old ground more surely and intimately by going over it once more. But from time to time I advance with leaps and bounds into different creative territory; I take a new, unexplored pathway which marks a major departure, and takes me out of my comfort zone.
A painting, it can become a gateway that allows the imagination to move freely between different worlds, creating connections between individuals and cultures separate in time and space, and allowing old and new world views to cross swords.
It is a way of testing yourself, putting your skill and imagination on the line. In every painting you run the risk of failure. As it develops, it becomes a visual problem which does not always have an obvious solution.